I'm happy after my start. I triple bogeyed the 11th hole (started from 10th tee) so I'm excited at how I recovered. I tried my favorite to forget about it. I've had some problems immediately.
I have infectivity on my leg and I'm on antibiotics. I thought it was a spider bite. My leg was all swollen on Sunday. My leg is red and sore we was in bed all afternoon yesterday. I took some prescription drugs today before playing.(CB 714 Fers)
It was a shocking start nonetheless it was best for be done with it. You normally can remember the triple bogeys! My coach Adam Fraser is on my small bag this week and it is best to get him to the course by himself.
I hit two shots within the water around the 11th hole. I don't think I've shot a seven this current year however it is always a good comeback when you can recover like buying and selling domains did today.(SpeedBlade Fers)
I made 23 putts and that i couldn't miss for the greens. I had been basically shutting my eyes available. It is usually great to experience a good putting round. If I can get my ball striking around standard whilst keeping my putting going, then I'll be up there about the leaderboard.
The physiotherapist thinks it's really a spider bite or whether massive boil which got infected. It truly is pretty nasty! I acquired it taped up and I'm antibiotics.