Been looking at schools for my son and found this on wikipedia.

Tarleton Academy is a secondary Academy situated in Tarleton, Lancashire, England and is under the headship of Mrs.Gwinnett. It caters for 11-16 year olds.


There were no members of staff with the group of pupils when this accident happened. Having pupils as young as 13 with no Tarleton Academy staff supervision is a very scary thought being a parent we all know how daft they can be. Mr J Snowdon is under investigation by the academy for this safeguarding issue.

Mrs L Gwinnett had the son of the head teacher from her former school removed from the academy site, he was working for a supply agency the academy use when she noticed the name on the supply cover list and had him removed from the class he was covering and escorted off site. Why would you have this done? Was she pushed or forced out as both her and her husband left Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School at the same time! You only have to look at the number of staff leaving to see something is very wrong.

The staff where promised a state of the art computer system which came in late and had lots of problems and delays. It turns out during the bidding process they had three companies of those three one was RM and the ICT Manager Mr R Perrin let Mrs C Murphy from RM know the academy had 60,000 to spend. This goes against academy policy and rules. So how close was the RM bid to that 60,000? How close where the other two bids to that 60,000 and how close to each other if these two came in at twice the price of RM how did RM get theirs so close to the academy budget unless they knew the budget. What or how much did Mr R Perrin gain out of RM winning the bid? The academy has now moved away from RM to Capita for computer support so how much has this and the above cost the academy/tax payer?

With 10+ staff already leaving/left this year so far something is very wrong and how much has it cost to get rid of these staff?


Should I keep away from that school?