Local man Jack Sen has been unanimously selected by UKIP as its first candidate to stand for Parliament representing West Lancashire.

And after his adoption by local members, Tony Green, Chairman of UKIP West Lancs, (below) told QLocal: "I'm delighted Jack’s been chosen and am confident his energy and commitment can bring real change to West Lancashire.”

Prior to his adoption, Jack said: "What differentiates me from the Labour and Conservative candidates? It's my real world experience that's been forged in the private sector.

"I’ve worked in building, construction and tree farming, and West Lancs. needs a real person at the helm, someone who knows how to get his hands dirty.”

Jack, whose family have lived in Aughton for over 50 years, has deep ties in the local community.

He described how his grandfather helped build many local homes, first as a bricklayer after serving in the WW2, and later as a glazier.

"My family were involved with both Liverpool and Everton FC,” he added.

Jack is married to Nathalie and has a young daughter Alexandra, and wants to return A & E doctors to Ormskirk, restore pensioners’ mobility allowance, and implement policy to rejuvenate the local economy.

"Ormskirk, Skelmersdale and Aughton all hold a special place in my heart," he concluded.

"To represent this community for UKIP is an honour," Jack said during his acceptance speech.

Although he has a background in forestry and construction, Jack also holds an honours degree in British Commonwealth history, something that heavily influences his foreign policy views, which along with his family's British military pedigree, gives him a unique perspective on Britain's role in the world.

"I’m first and foremost a British patriot," he told his audience of around 25 UKIP supporters at the Aughton Institute on Thursday night.

"That’s why it pains me to see the major parties collude with one another at the expense of our national sovereignty and wellbeing.

"And sending money overseas at the expense of local people is a travesty, one that I will fight to stop if elected."