• Garden Paving supplies in Ormskirk - Lancashire

    Looking to enhance your garden in Ormskirk with paving?

    Whether a feature patio, straight or curved pathways, stepping stones, cobbles, circular designs, or just slabs for a bulding there are so many options for your garden in Ormskirk.

    Paving is also an attractive option for your driveway with many people now choosing block paving.

    Popular paving include: Indian stone, Sandstone, Limestone, Slate, Granite and even Concrete.

    Ormskirk - Lancashire

    Planning your garden paving in Ormskirk

    Paving is all about the design, plan it right and it will look right. Inspiration can be taken from books or other peoples gardens. Searching the internet, and in particular looking at image searches can help you in the design process.

    For circular designs there are many kits available with all the correct shaped pieces for the desired diameter.

    Paths are often interlaced with gravel for a contrasting effect.

    The quality of your finished gravel path relies heavily on the preperation. After marking out your planned paved area it should be dug out and a base made, usually with a MOT type material, and a membrane to keep out weeds before laying your chosen path gravel on top. If you wonder what MOT means in the UK – it stands for Ministry of Transport standards for a sub base like used in highways.

    Filling in between paving slabs

    Laying your paving slabs is one thing but how to make a professional finish with the joints? If sufficient spacing then a fine gravel can be used but there is always the danger of loose stones getting on the path itself. Cement can be applied but avoid any contact to the paving itself as it will easily stain.

    A product we found and used extensively is joint-it. Simply brush this in and leave to set for a perfect finish. It is available in many colours and is often the preferred choice of professionals.

    Alternatives to paving for garden paths

    Alternatives to paving are gravels, slate, bark, and grass. Resin bonded pathways are becoming more popular as they offer grip which is ideal for avoiding slipping or use of wheelchairs.

    Maintaining your garden path.

    Firstly, always use a ground cover in the base to deter weeds. Next is to consider maintenance, especially in the winter when a pth may become slippy. A path that gets little sun may often become affected by algae. Power washing can be sucessful but may also make the stone more pourous. Sealants are often an anser to avoid algae.

    Garden-paving in Ormskirk Lancashire