In the most recent occurence of the problem, I was driving the robot around with a joystick using RobotC, the program working fine, when suddenly the robot ceased to recieve any new commands and perpetually moved backwards (from two DC drive motors), which I think was the last direction I was driving it in. I went over to the computer and clicked Stop on the debugger window, but the mouse showed the busy symbol and the window "greyed out" (like it does when it gets hung up or inactive), and the robot's program did not stop. Then I went over and switched the TETRIX battery off so that the robot wouldn't burn the motors out. Shortly after that (about 5 seconds after I clicked Stop in RobotC), the robot's programmed finally stopped, presumably from recieving the Stop command from the laptop. After exiting the debugger windows, turning the battery back on, and redownloading and running the program, everything worked fine again.

Please help.

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