British Airways has warned customers that card payments on its website and app were compromised after a data breach. Here is what to do if you think you have been affected.

British Airways have said on a statement on its website that the stolen data did not include travel or passport details.

How to protect yourself

Phishing – Attackers may use your personal details to target you with convincing emails, texts and calls. Be suspicious of unsolicited requests for your personal or financial details.

Financial details – If your financial data was compromised, be vigilant against suspicious activity on your bank accounts. If you notice any unauthorised transactions, notify your bank or card company.

Passwords – If your password was compromised, perform a password reset on any other online account where you’ve used the same one. Report - If you think you have been a victim of fraud or cybercrime, report it to us.​

For more information about the data breach British Airways have posted a list of FAQ’s on their website.