Trade & Recycling Waste in Ormskirk - Lancashire

At Principal Hygiene we champion waste segregation it is not only good for the environment and helps you achieve a Zero to Landfill outcome it is also an important factor in ensuring your waste costs are controlled with no over-weight charges. It worth noting that Food and glass are heavy wastes, they can and do dramatically increase your waste disposal cost when disposed of into general waste without any waste segregation.

By segregating your waste i.e. general, glass, food, cardboard etc. and using a dedicated collection service for each type of waste your produce you can;

1. Save on your waste costs in Ormskirk

2. Become a zero to landfill business

3. Help save the environment

General Waste Collections for Business in Ormskirk

General WasteYour general waste bin can be used for waste that cannot realistically be segregated into Mixed Recycling, Glass or Food Bins. General Waste bins are generally used for disposal of; waxed cartons, paper, boxes, folders, disposable cloths, plastics, styrofoam, bottles and cans etc. and other waste unsuitable for recycling. Our range of wheelie bins include 240L, 360L, 770L & 1100L, we can also provide FEL Containers (Front End Loaders) for larger types of waste requirements. Whatever your waste requirements we have a solution. Please note: General Waste should not include plaster board, heavy builders rubble or garden waste/soils.

Glass Waste Collections for Business in Ormskirk

Glass Waste Recycling

Our Glass Collection Service has been designed for the disposal of; Empty bottles, broken glass, jars and other glass item only.

We Supply 240 litre Wheelie bins for the collection and servicing of glass waste from customers premises. Dedicated recycling vehicles collect and transport glass to a specialist re-processor for recycling.

Food Waste Collections for Business in Ormskirk

Food waste

By segregating your food waste, you can reduce waste going to landfill which helps you become a “zero waste to landfill” business.

This solution is better for the environment, and most importantly could save you costs due to overweight general waste bins.

Remember food waste can be very heavy if mixed with general waste and can mean increased costs due to overweight bins, so it makes sense to segregate all wastes.


Carboard Recycling for Business in Ormskirk

Cardboard recycling

We can collect and recycle 100% of all cardboard you produce, with our range of wheelie bins sizes and frequencies.

Our Cardboard recycling service is used for; Dry cardboard & paper only

Your collected cardboard waste id taken to a Material Recovery Plant to be recycled continuing the process you began.


Dry Waste for Business in Ormskirk

Dry Waste Recycling

Our Dry mixed recycling service is used for; Cardboard, paper, plastics, drinks cans and food tins. This type of service provides organisations/companies with the facility to recycle waste by separating dry waste from most general waste without the need for separate containers.

When your Cardboard, paper, plastics, drinks cans and food tin is collected it is taken to an automated Materials Recovery Facility (MRF).